To plant a seed...

Dear friends,

My name is Rachel, and if you’ve found your way here, you probably know that my husband Andrew and I work full time on staff with YWAM Denver alongside my parents, Peter and Linda Warren.

When I was young, I had the privilege of being able to attend Faith Christian Academy (FCA). It wasn’t until I was older and had my first child that I understood what an amazing privilege that was. As I realized my children’s spiritual growth was my responsibility (and how tremendous a task that has become in our current culture), I became increasingly passionate about them being able to have a Christian education. Thanks to our generous family and sponsors, we have been able to send our oldest son, Levi, to FCA for the past two years. He has regularly come home singing worship songs, memorized scripture, and on February 13th he invited Jesus into his heart during school chapel. While I know that ultimately the foundation for his faith comes from our home, it is incomparable to being surrounded by fellow believers and teachers who when faced with challenges don’t simply depend on their own understanding but PRAY for guidance. 

Our second son, Gideon, started Kindergarten this past fall, and this is where we need your help. It is the desire of our heart that all of our children would be able to attend FCA, but the cost of tuition—even while eligible for scholarships—is beyond our abilities. But it is not beyond God’s ability! When we determined whether or not to move forward with enrolling Gideon in school as well, we prayed that “God would provide a scholarship with his name on it.” The very next day the school notified us they had one scholarship left and were going to offer it to Gideon!

Our goal is to raise $6,000-$10,000 to be able to cover all the cost of 2018-2019 tuition for both of our boys. As with everything else in our lives as missionaries, we depend on the support of friends and family for all of our financial needs. Will you consider partnering with us?

If you are interested in giving, you can make a tax deductible donation to YWAM Denver here with the memo line “Harrison kids.”

With love,